Emma Goldman, Lucy Parsons, Ben Reitman & Other Agitators & Outsiders In 1920s-30s Chicago Frank O. Beck     1956     128p     5 x 8 From the 1910s through the Depression 30s, when Chicago was the undisputed hobo capital of the United States, a small north side neighborhood known as Towertown was … Continue reading Hobohemia

The Guillotine at Work

Vol. I: The Leninist Counter-Revolution G.P. Maximoff    1940    360p    5 x 8 Originally published in 1940 in two volumes, this is the (partially eyewitness) account of the Leninist terror inflicted upon Russia. Maximoff, a life-long anarchist, fought in the Russian Revolution, organized with the metal-workers, and was imprisoned by Lenin’s secret police … Continue reading The Guillotine at Work

The Damndest Radical

The Life and World of Ben Reitman, Chicago’s Celebrated Social Reformer, Hobo King and Whorehouse Physician Roger A. Burns   2001   368p   6 x 9 Biography of “the hobo doctor” who road the rails and treated the elements of the working class many other physicians refused to, including performing abortions which were illegal … Continue reading The Damndest Radical

Bread Upon the Waters

Rose Pesotta 1944 435p 6 x 8 Rose Pesotta was an anarchist, feminist labor organizer and the vice president of the International Ladies’ Garment Workers’ Union. Born in Ukraine in the 1890s, Pesotta’s interest in Narodnaya Volya eventually lead her to anarchism. Arriving in New York City in 1913, Pessota found work in the garment … Continue reading Bread Upon the Waters