Eternal War on Hitler Youth

The Edelweiss Pirates, 1938-1945 Anonymous     8p     5 x 8 From the introduction by Wolfi Landstreicher, To be clear, I am not interested in antifascism by itself. Without a clear revolutionary perspective, the struggle against fascism all too easily degenerates into the struggle for liberal values and the democratic state. Thus, I agree with Alfredo Bonanno’s … Continue reading Eternal War on Hitler Youth


Women in the Armed Resistance to Fascism and German Occupation (1936–1945) Ingrid Strobl     2002     320p     6 x 9 Common stereotypes of women during wartime relegate them to the sidelines of history—to supporting roles like dutiful munitions factory workers or devoted wives waiting for their men to return home. The … Continue reading Partisanas

A Life of Kenneth Rexroth

Linda Hamalian     1991     464p     6 x 9 In this biography of Kenneth Rexroth (1905-82), Linda Hamalian reveals an enigmatic man riven with contradictions. From high-school drop-out, Rexroth transformed himself into a newspaper columnist, painter, dedicated activist and poet, writing on love, marriage, nature and politics. $4-10 Other works involving … Continue reading A Life of Kenneth Rexroth

Living My Life Vol. II

Emma Goldman     1934     508p     5 x 8 Unabridged second half of Emma Goldman’s almost 1000 page autobiography. Based on years of journal entries, the names, events and descriptions are incredibly vivid even after years since they first happened. See an endless list of friends, comrades, lovers, enemies, co-conspirators and … Continue reading Living My Life Vol. II


An Anthology of Emma Goldman’s Mother Earth Peter Glassgold     2001     464p     6 x 9 Originally published between 1906-1918, this compilation spans over a decade of provocative issues ranging from anarchism to sexual freedom, militant labor struggles, birth control, liberatory education, Leon Czolgsoz’s assassination of President McKinley, anarchist-feminism, anti-militarism, art, literature … Continue reading Anarchy!