The Lowry Wars

Attacking North Caolina’s Plantation Society in the Age of Reconstruction NC Piece Corps     2012     32p     5 x 8 On December 21st, 1864, a wealthy slaveholder and minor official of the Confederacy named James P. Barnes was ambushed on his way to the Post Office in Robeson County, North Carolina. After … Continue reading The Lowry Wars

Queer Fire

The George Jackson Brigade, Men Against Sexism, and Gay Struggle Against Prison Bo Brown & Ed Mead     2014     64p     5 x 8 Untorelli Press presents a collection of interviews and historical documents by and about the George Jackson Brigade and Men Against Sexism, focusing on the many forms of … Continue reading Queer Fire

The Angry Brigade

1967-1984: Documents and Chronology The Angry Brigade & Jean Weir     1985     64p     4 x 5 ‘Sit in the drugstore, look distant, empty, bored, drinking some tasteless coffee? Or perhaps BLOW IT UP OR BURN IT DOWN. The only thing you can do with modern slave-houses — called boutiques — … Continue reading The Angry Brigade

Agents of Repression

The FBI’s Secret Wars Against the Black Panther Party and the American Indian Movement Ward Churchill & Jim Vander Wall     1988     550p    6 x 9 An incisive historical account of the FBI siege of Wounded Knee, and reveals the viciousness of COINTELPRO campaigns targeting the Black Liberation movement and the … Continue reading Agents of Repression


Women in the Armed Resistance to Fascism and German Occupation (1936–1945) Ingrid Strobl     2002     320p     6 x 9 Common stereotypes of women during wartime relegate them to the sidelines of history—to supporting roles like dutiful munitions factory workers or devoted wives waiting for their men to return home. The … Continue reading Partisanas

Prison Writings

My Life is My Sundance Leonard Peltier     2000     272p     5 x 9 In 1977, Leonard Peltier received a life sentence for the murder of two FBI agents. Prison Writings is a wise and unsettling book, both memoir and manifesto, chronicling his life in Leavenworth Prison in Kansas. Invoking the … Continue reading Prison Writings

Granny Made Me An Anarchist

General Franco, The Angry Brigade, and Me Stuart Christie 2004 400p 5.5 x 8 In 1964, a fresh-faced, eighteen-year-old Glaswegian named Stuart Christie became the most famous anarchist in Britain. He was arrested delivering dynamite to Madrid to be used in the assassination of Spanish dictator General Franco. After serving three of his twenty-year sentence, … Continue reading Granny Made Me An Anarchist