Emma Goldman, Lucy Parsons, Ben Reitman & Other Agitators & Outsiders In 1920s-30s Chicago Frank O. Beck     1956     128p     5 x 8 From the 1910s through the Depression 30s, when Chicago was the undisputed hobo capital of the United States, a small north side neighborhood known as Towertown was … Continue reading Hobohemia

Eternal War on Hitler Youth

The Edelweiss Pirates, 1938-1945 Anonymous     8p     5 x 8 From the introduction by Wolfi Landstreicher, To be clear, I am not interested in antifascism by itself. Without a clear revolutionary perspective, the struggle against fascism all too easily degenerates into the struggle for liberal values and the democratic state. Thus, I agree with Alfredo Bonanno’s … Continue reading Eternal War on Hitler Youth

Granny Made Me An Anarchist

General Franco, The Angry Brigade, and Me Stuart Christie 2004 400p 5.5 x 8 In 1964, a fresh-faced, eighteen-year-old Glaswegian named Stuart Christie became the most famous anarchist in Britain. He was arrested delivering dynamite to Madrid to be used in the assassination of Spanish dictator General Franco. After serving three of his twenty-year sentence, … Continue reading Granny Made Me An Anarchist

The Watch

Dennis Danvers     2002     368p     5 x 8 In 1921 Russia, a mysterious visitor from the far future comes to Peter Kropotkin’s deathbed and offers the world-renowned anarchist philosopher a new life. Kropotkin — the one-time prince who renounced wealth and privilege to embrace the cause of anarchy, the dying … Continue reading The Watch

Public Secrets

Collected Skirmishes of Ken Knabb Ken Knabb     1997     408p     6 x 9 The greatest hits, and a fine read for anyone interested in situationist ideas, anarchism, the 60s counterculture and beyond. Includes two substantial new texts—”The Joy Of Revolution” and “Autobiography,” and reprints of all his old pamphlets, co-authored … Continue reading Public Secrets