Roll the Union On

A Pictorial History of the Southern Tenant Farmer’s Union H.L. Mitchell 1987 96p 8 x 11 Founded near Tyronza, Arkansas, in 1934 by 11 white and seven black workers, within five years the STFU was organizing all across the South and counting its members in the tens of thousands. Reviving old IWW traditions of workers’ … Continue reading Roll the Union On

Lucy Parsons

Freedom, Equality and Solidarity: Writings and Speeches, 1878-1937 Gale Ahrens     2004     183p     5 x 8 ‘More dangerous than 1000 rioters!’ That’s what the Chicago police called Lucy Parsons – America’s most defiant and persistent anarchist agitator, whose cross-country speaking tours inspired hundreds of thousands of working people. Her friends … Continue reading Lucy Parsons

Joe Hill

The IWW and the Making of a Revolutionary Workingclass Counterculture Franklin Rosemont     2003     650p     5 x 8 A massive and thorough take on the life of Joe Hill (1877-1915), one of the best-known figures in the heroic history of the Industrial Workers of the World. U.S. labor’s most world-renowned … Continue reading Joe Hill