Surrealist Experiences

1001 Dawns, 221 Midnights Penelope Rosemont     1999     194p     5 x 8 Rosemont’s first book of articles and essays. It includes nearly two dozen texts originally published in surrealist journals from 1970 through the 90s, plus eleven that appear here for the first time. An ardent defender of all that … Continue reading Surrealist Experiences


Documents From Chicago’s Clandestine Abortion Service, 1968-1973 Firestarter Press ed.     2004     60p     5 x 8 Jane was the abortion counseling service affiliated with the Chicago Women’s Liberation Union (CWLU). Before abortion was legalized in 1973, Jane members, none of whom were physicians, performed over 11,000 illegal abortions. Their philosophy … Continue reading Jane

¡Fuera Ulises!

A Graphic Account From Oaxaca Ana Nimo     2007     12p     5 x 8 From the author: ‘This book represents my interpretation of the events in Oaxaca from June thru November of 2006. It is influenced by my perspective as a visitor and an anti-authoritarian. I’m sure there are as many … Continue reading ¡Fuera Ulises!

Sex Wars

A Novel of Gilded Age New York Marge Piercy     2005     425p     6 x 9 Post–Civil War New York City is the battleground of the American dream. In this era of free love, emerging rights of women, and brutal sexual repression, Freydeh, a spirited young Jewish immigrant, toils at different … Continue reading Sex Wars

The Pope is NOT Gay!

Angelo Quattrocchi     2010     192p     5 x 8 The Pope is Not Gay! is an irreverent history of homophobic and sexist obscurantism in the Holy Roman Church and an endoscopic examination of its greatest contemporary advocate, Pope Benedict XVI. In his inimitable style, anarchist Angelo Quattrocchi traces the evolution of … Continue reading The Pope is NOT Gay!


Women in the Armed Resistance to Fascism and German Occupation (1936–1945) Ingrid Strobl     2002     320p     6 x 9 Common stereotypes of women during wartime relegate them to the sidelines of history—to supporting roles like dutiful munitions factory workers or devoted wives waiting for their men to return home. The … Continue reading Partisanas