Mutual Aid

A Factor of Evolution Peter Kropotkin     1902     336p     5 x 8 Kropotkin posits that the most effective human and animal communities are essentially cooperative, rather than competitive. Essential to the understanding of human evolution as well as social organization, this book offers a powerful counterpoint to the tenets of … Continue reading Mutual Aid

Memoirs of a Revolutionist

Peter Kropotkin     1899     504p     5 x 8 Born into a wealthy family of landowners, Prince Peter Alexeivich Kropotkin (1842-1921) held prestigious diplomatic posts. But the prince renounced his life of privilege to embrace anarchism, a revolutionary alternative to Marxism. A leading theoretician of his day, Kropotkin wrote the basic … Continue reading Memoirs of a Revolutionist

Memoirs of a Revolutionist

Vera Figner     1920     336p     6 x 9 In this classic memoir, Figner recounts her journey from aristocrat to revolutionary, candidly relating the experiences that shaped her ideas and provoked her to political action and violence. As she reflects on her own lifelong commitment to improving the lives of ordinary … Continue reading Memoirs of a Revolutionist

In Russian and French Prisons

Peter Kropotkin    1887   387p   5 x 8 Nearly a century has passed since Kropotkin wrote In Russian and French Prisons, yet his criticisms of the penal system have lost none of their relevance. Prisons—far from reforming the offender, or deterring crime—are, in themselves, ‘schools of crime’. Every year, thousands of prisoners are … Continue reading In Russian and French Prisons

The Anarchists

James Joll 1964 303p 6 x 8 A good over-view of classical anarchism, focusing almost exclusively on europe. Beginning in the late 1700s with William Godwin and continuing on with Proudhon, Kropotkin and Bakunin. Details evolutions and differences in philosophy, the paris commune, russian revolution, spanish civil war, the era of dynamite, etc. $4-10 Other … Continue reading The Anarchists

The Watch

Dennis Danvers     2002     368p     5 x 8 In 1921 Russia, a mysterious visitor from the far future comes to Peter Kropotkin’s deathbed and offers the world-renowned anarchist philosopher a new life. Kropotkin — the one-time prince who renounced wealth and privilege to embrace the cause of anarchy, the dying … Continue reading The Watch

Lucy Parsons

Freedom, Equality and Solidarity: Writings and Speeches, 1878-1937 Gale Ahrens     2004     183p     5 x 8 ‘More dangerous than 1000 rioters!’ That’s what the Chicago police called Lucy Parsons – America’s most defiant and persistent anarchist agitator, whose cross-country speaking tours inspired hundreds of thousands of working people. Her friends … Continue reading Lucy Parsons


An Anthology of Emma Goldman’s Mother Earth Peter Glassgold     2001     464p     6 x 9 Originally published between 1906-1918, this compilation spans over a decade of provocative issues ranging from anarchism to sexual freedom, militant labor struggles, birth control, liberatory education, Leon Czolgsoz’s assassination of President McKinley, anarchist-feminism, anti-militarism, art, literature … Continue reading Anarchy!

The Russian Anarchists

Paul Avrich     1967     320p     5.5 x 8.5 From the nihilists of the 1870s to their anarchist, leninist and maximalist heirs, Avrich covers everything: bomb-throwers, philosophers, workers’ councils, the ukrainian makhnovtchina, the krondstadt uprising, the bolshevik betrayal, and the ordinary peasants, soldiers and workers committed to fighting for a truly free world. One of my favorite … Continue reading The Russian Anarchists