Close to the Knives

A Memoir of Disintegration David Wojnarowicz     1991     288p     5 x 8 Written in the ’80s when Wojnarowicz and his friends were sick and dying of AIDS, this is a powerful, tragic — yet beautiful — memoirs. A collection of essays dealing with death, sickness, the sexual freedoms of queer … Continue reading Close to the Knives

A Day When Nothing is Certain

Writings on the Greek Insurrection Anonymous     2009     60p     4 x 5 This pamphlet is a collection of some of the best writings to come out of the Greek insurrection of 2008. It includes communiqués written by comrades during the upheaval itself as well as articles written in the months after the fires died out (although … Continue reading A Day When Nothing is Certain

War on Misery #3

Darlin’ there’s a place for us… can we go before I turn to dust? Summer 2008     20p     8.5 x 11 Articles include an analysis of anti-police activity in st. louis: ‘Invitation for Conflict: a magnifying glass to three anti-police initiatives’; an analysis of the Laidlaw bus drivers’ strike: ‘The Driver on the Bus Says “WI-LD-CAT!”; … Continue reading War on Misery #3

War on Misery #2

Our days are never coming back. Autumn 2006     12p     8.5 x 11 Articles include an analysis of st. louis arsons: ‘When the bloodys lips of progress move to kiss, we spit fire: on the 2006 arsons ripping through city and suburban developments’; a chronology of work-related deaths: ‘They make us strap time-clocks to our chests’; … Continue reading War on Misery #2

The World That Never Was

A True Story of Dreamers, Schemers, Anarchists, and Secret Agents Alex Butterworth     2011     544p     6 x 9 In the late nineteenth century, nations the world over were mired in economic recession and beset by social unrest, their leaders increasingly threatened by acts of terrorism and assassination from anarchist extremists. … Continue reading The World That Never Was

The Treasure of the Sierra Madre

A Novel B. Traven     1927     320p     5 x 8 By the 1920s the violence of the Mexican Revolution had largely subsided, although scattered gangs of bandits continued to terrorize the countryside. The newly established post-revolution government relied on the effective but ruthless Federal Police, commonly known as the Federales, … Continue reading The Treasure of the Sierra Madre

The Guillotine at Work

Vol. I: The Leninist Counter-Revolution G.P. Maximoff    1940    360p    5 x 8 Originally published in 1940 in two volumes, this is the (partially eyewitness) account of the Leninist terror inflicted upon Russia. Maximoff, a life-long anarchist, fought in the Russian Revolution, organized with the metal-workers, and was imprisoned by Lenin’s secret police … Continue reading The Guillotine at Work

New Arrivals

  A Cavalier History of Surrealism     Jules-François Dupuis     1977     131p     5 x 8 This pseudonymous account of surrealism by Raoul Vaneigem offers an answer to the question, “What was living and what was dead in Surrealism?” Though blistering in its criticism of surrealism’s artistic and political aporias, … Continue reading New Arrivals

The Big Strike

The Story of the Great San Francisco General Strike of 1934 Mike Quinn 1979 259p 5 x 7 On May 9, 1934, International Labor Association (ILA) leaders called a strike of all dockworkers on the West Coast who were joined a few days later by seamen and teamsters, effectively stopping all shipping from San Diego … Continue reading The Big Strike