Queer Fire

The George Jackson Brigade, Men Against Sexism, and Gay Struggle Against Prison Bo Brown & Ed Mead     2014     64p     5 x 8 Untorelli Press presents a collection of interviews and historical documents by and about the George Jackson Brigade and Men Against Sexism, focusing on the many forms of … Continue reading Queer Fire

Close to the Knives

A Memoir of Disintegration David Wojnarowicz     1991     288p     5 x 8 Written in the ’80s when Wojnarowicz and his friends were sick and dying of AIDS, this is a powerful, tragic — yet beautiful — memoirs. A collection of essays dealing with death, sickness, the sexual freedoms of queer … Continue reading Close to the Knives

Saint Genet

Actor and Martyr Jean-Paul Sarte     1952     640p     6 x 9 Saint Genet is Jean-Paul Sartre’s classic biography of Jean Genet—thief, convict, queer—a character of almost legendary proportions whose influence grows stronger with time. Saint Genet is at once a compelling psychological portrait, literary criticism, and one of Sartre’s most … Continue reading Saint Genet

The Pope is NOT Gay!

Angelo Quattrocchi     2010     192p     5 x 8 The Pope is Not Gay! is an irreverent history of homophobic and sexist obscurantism in the Holy Roman Church and an endoscopic examination of its greatest contemporary advocate, Pope Benedict XVI. In his inimitable style, anarchist Angelo Quattrocchi traces the evolution of … Continue reading The Pope is NOT Gay!

New Arrivals

  A Cavalier History of Surrealism     Jules-François Dupuis     1977     131p     5 x 8 This pseudonymous account of surrealism by Raoul Vaneigem offers an answer to the question, “What was living and what was dead in Surrealism?” Though blistering in its criticism of surrealism’s artistic and political aporias, … Continue reading New Arrivals

The Thief’s Journal

Jean Genet     1949     272p     5 x 8 The man Jean Cocteau dubbed France’s ‘Black Prince of Letters’ here reconstructs his early adult years — time he spent as a petty criminal and vagabond, traveling through Spain and Antwerp, occasionally border hopping across the rest of Europe, always one step … Continue reading The Thief’s Journal

Last Time I Wore A Dress

Daphne Scholinski     1997     224p     6 x 9 At fifteen years old, Daphne Scholinski was committed to a mental institution and awarded the dubious diagnosis of ‘Gender Identity Disorder.’ She spent three years – and over a million dollars of insurance – ‘treating’ the problem with makeup lessons and instructions in how … Continue reading Last Time I Wore A Dress

Free Comrades

Anarchism and Homosexuality in the United States 1895-1917 Terrance Kissack     2008     220p     6 x 9 By investigating public records, journals, and books published between 1895 and 1917, Terence Kissack expands the scope of the history of queer politics in the United States. The anarchists Kissack examines—such as Emma Goldman, … Continue reading Free Comrades