Agents of Repression

The FBI’s Secret Wars Against the Black Panther Party and the American Indian Movement Ward Churchill & Jim Vander Wall     1988     550p    6 x 9 An incisive historical account of the FBI siege of Wounded Knee, and reveals the viciousness of COINTELPRO campaigns targeting the Black Liberation movement and the … Continue reading Agents of Repression

War on Misery #3

Darlin’ there’s a place for us… can we go before I turn to dust? Summer 2008     20p     8.5 x 11 Articles include an analysis of anti-police activity in st. louis: ‘Invitation for Conflict: a magnifying glass to three anti-police initiatives’; an analysis of the Laidlaw bus drivers’ strike: ‘The Driver on the Bus Says “WI-LD-CAT!”; … Continue reading War on Misery #3


Documents From Chicago’s Clandestine Abortion Service, 1968-1973 Firestarter Press ed.     2004     60p     5 x 8 Jane was the abortion counseling service affiliated with the Chicago Women’s Liberation Union (CWLU). Before abortion was legalized in 1973, Jane members, none of whom were physicians, performed over 11,000 illegal abortions. Their philosophy … Continue reading Jane

Sex Wars

A Novel of Gilded Age New York Marge Piercy     2005     425p     6 x 9 Post–Civil War New York City is the battleground of the American dream. In this era of free love, emerging rights of women, and brutal sexual repression, Freydeh, a spirited young Jewish immigrant, toils at different … Continue reading Sex Wars


Vol. II: The Story of a Return Marjane Satrapi     2003     160p     6 x 9 In 1984, Marjane flees fundamentalism and the war with Iraq to begin a new life in Vienna. Once there, she faces the trials of adolescence far from her friends and family, and while she soon … Continue reading Persepolis

The Guillotine at Work

Vol. I: The Leninist Counter-Revolution G.P. Maximoff    1940    360p    5 x 8 Originally published in 1940 in two volumes, this is the (partially eyewitness) account of the Leninist terror inflicted upon Russia. Maximoff, a life-long anarchist, fought in the Russian Revolution, organized with the metal-workers, and was imprisoned by Lenin’s secret police … Continue reading The Guillotine at Work

J. Edgar Hoover

A Graphic Biography: A True History of Violence, Crimefighting, Politics and Power Rick Geary   2008   112p   5 x 8 In the hands of gifted cartoonist Rick Geary, J. Edgar Hoover’s life becomes a timely and pointed guide to eight presidents–from Calvin Coolidge to Richard Nixon–and everything from Prohibition to cold war espionage. … Continue reading J. Edgar Hoover

Ben Fletcher

 The Life and Times of A Black Wobbly Ben Fletcher & Peter Cole     2006     149p     5.5 x 8.5 The great African American Wobbly organizer, Benjamin Fletcher (1890-1949), was noted for his brilliant organizing ability and imaginative on-the-job strategies, as well as for his courage, humor, and excellence as a … Continue reading Ben Fletcher

Discipline and Punish

The Birth of the Prison Michel Foucault 1975 333p 5 x 8 Foucault suggests that such vaunted reforms as the abolition of torture and the emergence of the modern penitentiary have merely shifted the focus of punishment from the prisoner’s body to his soul. The four main parts include: torture, punishment, discipline and prison. $4-12 … Continue reading Discipline and Punish