Surreagional Explorations

Max Cafard & Stephen Duplantier     2012     180p     5 x 8 Philosopher, activist, artist Max Cafard, has been steadily working his way through critiques of Anarchism, Surrealism, Situationism, Media, Cinema, and Regionalism, to arrive to his own fascinating and practicable practice of the Surregional. The still-standing techniques of all the … Continue reading Surreagional Explorations

Surrealist Experiences

1001 Dawns, 221 Midnights Penelope Rosemont     1999     194p     5 x 8 Rosemont’s first book of articles and essays. It includes nearly two dozen texts originally published in surrealist journals from 1970 through the 90s, plus eleven that appear here for the first time. An ardent defender of all that … Continue reading Surrealist Experiences

The Forecast is Hot!

Tracts & Other Collective Declarations of the Surrealist Movement in the U.S., 1966-1976 Penelope Rosemont, Paul Garon & Franklin Rosemont     1997     276p     5 x 8 In 1966, the first indigenous Surrealist Group in the US was organized in Chicago. From there, it spread. This book is a compendium of … Continue reading The Forecast is Hot!

Down Below

Leonora Carrington     1944     53p     4.5 x 8 Best known for her dazzling paintings and tales of black humor, Carrington is one of contemporary surrealism’s outstanding spokespersons. Born and raised in England, she joined the international surrealist movement in 1937. Down Below recounts her adventures in Spain ‘on the other … Continue reading Down Below

A Menagerie in Revolt

Selected Writings of Benjamin Peret Benjamin Peret     2009     148p     5 x 8 From Charles H. Kerr, “Peret’s writings testify with burning clarity to his relentless devotion to the cause of breaking the social, cultural, and psychological fetters which reduce the imagination to misery and degradation. An essential collection by … Continue reading A Menagerie in Revolt

A Life of Kenneth Rexroth

Linda Hamalian     1991     464p     6 x 9 In this biography of Kenneth Rexroth (1905-82), Linda Hamalian reveals an enigmatic man riven with contradictions. From high-school drop-out, Rexroth transformed himself into a newspaper columnist, painter, dedicated activist and poet, writing on love, marriage, nature and politics. $4-10 Other works involving … Continue reading A Life of Kenneth Rexroth