The Blood of Spain

An Oral History of the Spanish Civil War Ronald Fraser ed. 1979 628p 6.5 x 9.5 A massive oral history of the spanish civil war. $7-15 Other works involving spanish civil war, anarchism, communism, fascism, the united front, anti-fascism, the abraham lincoln brigades, stalin, spain, 1920s, 1930s, 1900s

The Great Labor Uprising of 1877

Philip S. Foner    1977    341p    5 x 8 Labor historian Foner’s take on the first generalized confrontation between labor and capital in the United States, which effectively shut down the entire railway system. $4-10 Other works involving philip s. foner, general strikes, sabotage, railroads, 1877, 1800s


Post-Political Politics Christian Marazzi & Sylvère Lotringer     2007     340p     7 x 10 ‘Most of the writers who contributed to the issue were locked up at the time in Italian jails…. I was trying to draw the attention of the American Left, which still believed in Eurocommunism, to the fate … Continue reading Autonomia


RECOMMENDED READING                       LIBROS EN ESPAÑOL Books are new and used, and all are on a sliding scale. Books are listed with the author, when it was first published and approximate page length and size. This list is about 1/5 of available titles. Please inquire about … Continue reading Books