Anarchism and Free Love

The Biography of Ezra Haywood Martin Blatt     1990     240p     5 x 8 Sexual behavior was a hot and often dangerous topic for conversation in Victorian America. Anyone advocating women’s rights, birth control, or ‘free love’ could find himself counting the hours in a prison cell. Enter three amazing characters … Continue reading Anarchism and Free Love

Anarchism and Violence

Severino Di Giovanni in Argentina, 1923-1931 Osvaldo Bayer   1970   210p   5 x 8 Originally in spanish, this reprint of the Elephant Editions translation tells the story of anarcho-banditry committed by Severino and his good friends, the brothers Scarfo. Bombings, bank robberies, and, like many of their kind, their shooting star ending. $3-10 … Continue reading Anarchism and Violence

Surreagional Explorations

Max Cafard & Stephen Duplantier     2012     180p     5 x 8 Philosopher, activist, artist Max Cafard, has been steadily working his way through critiques of Anarchism, Surrealism, Situationism, Media, Cinema, and Regionalism, to arrive to his own fascinating and practicable practice of the Surregional. The still-standing techniques of all the … Continue reading Surreagional Explorations

Surrealist Experiences

1001 Dawns, 221 Midnights Penelope Rosemont     1999     194p     5 x 8 Rosemont’s first book of articles and essays. It includes nearly two dozen texts originally published in surrealist journals from 1970 through the 90s, plus eleven that appear here for the first time. An ardent defender of all that … Continue reading Surrealist Experiences


Emma Goldman, Lucy Parsons, Ben Reitman & Other Agitators & Outsiders In 1920s-30s Chicago Frank O. Beck     1956     128p     5 x 8 From the 1910s through the Depression 30s, when Chicago was the undisputed hobo capital of the United States, a small north side neighborhood known as Towertown was … Continue reading Hobohemia

A Day When Nothing is Certain

Writings on the Greek Insurrection Anonymous     2009     60p     4 x 5 This pamphlet is a collection of some of the best writings to come out of the Greek insurrection of 2008. It includes communiqués written by comrades during the upheaval itself as well as articles written in the months after the fires died out (although … Continue reading A Day When Nothing is Certain