The Lowry Wars

Attacking North Caolina’s Plantation Society in the Age of Reconstruction NC Piece Corps     2012     32p     5 x 8 On December 21st, 1864, a wealthy slaveholder and minor official of the Confederacy named James P. Barnes was ambushed on his way to the Post Office in Robeson County, North Carolina. After … Continue reading The Lowry Wars


An Autobiography Assata Shakur     1987     303p     6.5 x 9.5 Black radical, former panther, BLA member and all-around badass, this is Assata’s own story up until the late 1980s. From the afterward: “Through her eyes we have the chance to see so many social tensions at play. The obvious and … Continue reading Assata

Anarchism and Violence

Severino Di Giovanni in Argentina, 1923-1931 Osvaldo Bayer   1970   210p   5 x 8 Originally in spanish, this reprint of the Elephant Editions translation tells the story of anarcho-banditry committed by Severino and his good friends, the brothers Scarfo. Bombings, bank robberies, and, like many of their kind, their shooting star ending. $3-10 … Continue reading Anarchism and Violence