The Night Visitor

And Other Stories B. Traven     1929     252p     5 x 8 Here are ten of B. Traven’s remarkable short stories. Three of them are long stories: The setting of  ‘The Night Visitor’ is a hacienda deep in the Mexican bush where a lonely American recreates in his imagination an eerie … Continue reading The Night Visitor

Prison Writings

My Life is My Sundance Leonard Peltier     2000     272p     5 x 9 In 1977, Leonard Peltier received a life sentence for the murder of two FBI agents. Prison Writings is a wise and unsettling book, both memoir and manifesto, chronicling his life in Leavenworth Prison in Kansas. Invoking the … Continue reading Prison Writings

Changes in the Land

Indians, Colonists, and the Ecology of New England William Cronon 1983 288p 5 x 8 William Cronon offers an original and profound explanation of the effects European colonists’ sense of property and their pursuit of capitalism had upon the ecosystems of New England. Changes in the Land provides a brilliant inter-disciplinary interpretation of how land … Continue reading Changes in the Land


A Graphic Guide Donald Woods & Mike Bostock     1986      160p      5.5 x 8 An illustrated introduction and over-view of south african apartheid. From its roots in european settler culture, to the openly racist policies of the late 1800s, fascist influences in the 1920s-1930s and the eventual rise to power … Continue reading Apartheid

The Strait

Obenabi’s Songs Fredy Perlman     1988     389p     5 x 8 Obenabi, the narrator, sings the story of his people confronting the european invader. The tales are personal, emerging from the remembered experiences of his grandmothers. These dramas of conflict, commerce, domestication, heroism, exchange and love are set in the great … Continue reading The Strait

Gone to Croatan

Origins of North American Dropout Culture Ron Sakolski     1994     382p     6 x 9 An absolutely incredible subversive history of america and many of its inhabitants attempts to subvert race and have a healthier relationship with nature. Viewed through cracks in the cartographies of control, including ‘tri-racial isolate’ communities, buccaneers, … Continue reading Gone to Croatan


Memory of Fire Vol. I Eduardo Galeano     1982     336p     5 x 8 Genesis, the first volume in Eduardo Galeano’s Memory of Fire trilogy, is both a meditation on the clashes between the Old World and the New and, in the Galeano’s words, an attempt to ‘rescue the kidnapped memory … Continue reading Genesis