None Shall Escape

Radical Perspectives in the Caribbean Fundi     1988     24p     5 x 8 A compilation of excerpts from a forum on Grenada and Jamaica, which was held in San Francisco in December, 1983, follow-up interviews and informal discussions. These edited statements belong 53-year-old Jamaican named Fundi. The basis for his critical … Continue reading None Shall Escape

Obsolete Communism

The Left Wing Alternative Daniel Cohn-Bendit     1968     272p     5.5 x 8.5 In May 68 a student protest spread to other universities, to Paris factories and in a few weeks to most of France. A million Parisians marched; ten million workers went out on strike. This is Daniel Cohn-Bendit’s – … Continue reading Obsolete Communism

May Day

A Short History Of The International Workers’ Holiday 1886-1986 Philip Foner    1986    192p    5 x 8 A useful introduction to the history of labor struggles, and the birth, and celebration, of May Day, first as an American, soon an international, workers’ holiday. $6-10 Other works involving philip foner, may day

In Dubious Battle

John Steinbeck    1936    274p    MMPB With only a few weeks to pick the apples before their spoil, tensions run high and boil over after migrant workers go on strike right as the apple-picking season begins. $1-5 Other works involving john steinbeck, labor struggles

Bread Upon the Waters

Rose Pesotta 1944 435p 6 x 8 Rose Pesotta was an anarchist, feminist labor organizer and the vice president of the International Ladies’ Garment Workers’ Union. Born in Ukraine in the 1890s, Pesotta’s interest in Narodnaya Volya eventually lead her to anarchism. Arriving in New York City in 1913, Pessota found work in the garment … Continue reading Bread Upon the Waters