The Big Strike

The Story of the Great San Francisco General Strike of 1934 Mike Quinn 1979 259p 5 x 7 On May 9, 1934, International Labor Association (ILA) leaders called a strike of all dockworkers on the West Coast who were joined a few days later by seamen and teamsters, effectively stopping all shipping from San Diego … Continue reading The Big Strike

Ben Fletcher

 The Life and Times of A Black Wobbly Ben Fletcher & Peter Cole     2006     149p     5.5 x 8.5 The great African American Wobbly organizer, Benjamin Fletcher (1890-1949), was noted for his brilliant organizing ability and imaginative on-the-job strategies, as well as for his courage, humor, and excellence as a … Continue reading Ben Fletcher


Post-Political Politics Christian Marazzi & Sylvère Lotringer     2007     340p     7 x 10 ‘Most of the writers who contributed to the issue were locked up at the time in Italian jails…. I was trying to draw the attention of the American Left, which still believed in Eurocommunism, to the fate … Continue reading Autonomia

Roll the Union On

A Pictorial History of the Southern Tenant Farmer’s Union H.L. Mitchell 1987 96p 8 x 11 Founded near Tyronza, Arkansas, in 1934 by 11 white and seven black workers, within five years the STFU was organizing all across the South and counting its members in the tens of thousands. Reviving old IWW traditions of workers’ … Continue reading Roll the Union On

Rebels Against the Future

The Luddites and Their War on the Industrial Revolution Kirkpatrick Sale     1995     336p     6 x 9 Sale tells the compelling story of the Luddites’ struggle to preserve their way of life by destroying the machines that threatened to replace them and force further isolation, exploitation and alienation. ‘King Ludd’ lead anonymous groups of peasants against … Continue reading Rebels Against the Future

Midnight Oil

Work, Energy, War, 1973-1992 Midnight Notes Collective     1992     340p     6 x 9 Midnight Oil is a political journey through two decades of social struggles, ranging form the oil fields of the Middle East and Africa coal fields of Appalachia and the homes and neighborhoods of America and Europe. Tracing … Continue reading Midnight Oil

Lucy Parsons

Freedom, Equality and Solidarity: Writings and Speeches, 1878-1937 Gale Ahrens     2004     183p     5 x 8 ‘More dangerous than 1000 rioters!’ That’s what the Chicago police called Lucy Parsons – America’s most defiant and persistent anarchist agitator, whose cross-country speaking tours inspired hundreds of thousands of working people. Her friends … Continue reading Lucy Parsons