Queer Fire

The George Jackson Brigade, Men Against Sexism, and Gay Struggle Against Prison Bo Brown & Ed Mead     2014     64p     5 x 8 Untorelli Press presents a collection of interviews and historical documents by and about the George Jackson Brigade and Men Against Sexism, focusing on the many forms of … Continue reading Queer Fire

Agents of Repression

The FBI’s Secret Wars Against the Black Panther Party and the American Indian Movement Ward Churchill & Jim Vander Wall     1988     550p    6 x 9 An incisive historical account of the FBI siege of Wounded Knee, and reveals the viciousness of COINTELPRO campaigns targeting the Black Liberation movement and the … Continue reading Agents of Repression

Wages of Whiteness

Race and the Making of the American Working Class David Roediger     1991     195p     5 x 8 Combining classical Marxism, psychoanalysis, and the new labor history pioneered by E. P. Thompson and Herbert Gutman, David Roediger’s widely acclaimed book provides an original study of the formative years of working-class racism … Continue reading Wages of Whiteness


Post-Political Politics Christian Marazzi & Sylvère Lotringer     2007     340p     7 x 10 ‘Most of the writers who contributed to the issue were locked up at the time in Italian jails…. I was trying to draw the attention of the American Left, which still believed in Eurocommunism, to the fate … Continue reading Autonomia

The London Hanged

Crime and Civil Society in the 18th Century Peter Linebaugh     1991     524p     6 x 9 Peter Linebaugh’s groundbreaking history has become an inescapable part of any understanding of the rise of capitalism. In eighteenth-century London the spectacle of a hanging was not simply a form of punishing transgressors. Rather it … Continue reading The London Hanged