Little Big Bangs (st) Little Big Bangs   CD/Vinyl   2013   $10-15       May Day The May Day Orchestra   Vinyl   2009   $12     Ota Benga The May Day Orchestra   CD/Vinyl   2010   $10-15       Postcarious Breakaway   CD   2014   $5-10

The Forecast is Hot!

Tracts & Other Collective Declarations of the Surrealist Movement in the U.S., 1966-1976 Penelope Rosemont, Paul Garon & Franklin Rosemont     1997     276p     5 x 8 In 1966, the first indigenous Surrealist Group in the US was organized in Chicago. From there, it spread. This book is a compendium of … Continue reading The Forecast is Hot!

Ota Benga

The May Day Orchestra   CD/Vinyl   2010 The second ‘folk opera’ by The May Day Orchestra tells the story of Ota Benga, a pygmy man who was taken from Congo and put on display at the 1904 World’s Fair in Saint Louis. A simultaneous narrative about Roger Casement weaves into the songs as does … Continue reading Ota Benga

May Day

Or, Songs for Lucy Parsons The May Day Orchestra   Vinyl   2009 “The ‘Folk Opera’ concerning the labor question” according to its liner notes, this is the debut release from The May Day Orchestra, a group started by Tim Rakel in 2008 to write historically-rooted albums with various musical accompaniment. Words for the songs … Continue reading May Day


Breakaway   CD   2014 Breakaway is a darkwave/dance/punk/neofolk/witch house  musician out of the north. Tracks: 1.   Long Goodbye   4:05 2.   The Crashers And The Snappers   3:44 3.   Flotsam And Jetsam   3:56 4.   At A Time   3:01 5.   That Are Told That Unfold   3:22 6. … Continue reading Postcarious

Roll the Union On

A Pictorial History of the Southern Tenant Farmer’s Union H.L. Mitchell 1987 96p 8 x 11 Founded near Tyronza, Arkansas, in 1934 by 11 white and seven black workers, within five years the STFU was organizing all across the South and counting its members in the tens of thousands. Reviving old IWW traditions of workers’ … Continue reading Roll the Union On