Sabotage in the American Workplace

Anecdotes of Dissatisfaction, Mischief, and Revenge T. Cox & M. Sprouse     1992     175p     9 x 11 Stories of frustration and revenge throughout all sectors of the american workplace: construction, restaurants, transportation, sex, factory, art, education, military, etc. $10-20 Other works involving sabotage, work, service industry, factories, military, 1980s, 1990s


Henri Charrière     1969     576p     5 x 8 “We have too much technological progress, life is too hectic, and our society has only one goal: to invent still more technological marvels to make life even easier and better. The craving for every new scientific discovery breeds a hunger for greater comfort and the constant struggle to … Continue reading Papillion

101 Ways to Kill Your Boss

Graham Roumieu     2007     112p     7 x 5 From the author that was brave enough and tender enough to give us the first true-to-life biography of Big foot comes this inspiring how-to picture book. $4-10 Other works involving assassination, propaganda by the deed, revenge, humor, comics


Peter Shaffer     1979     160p     5 x 8 As a youth Salieri makes a deal with god that if god will make him a great composer, Salieri will lead a chaste life and devote his greatest works to him. Salieri finds success and even a place as a court composer … Continue reading Amadeus

Anarchism and Violence

Severino Di Giovanni in Argentina, 1923-1931 Osvaldo Bayer   1970   210p   5 x 8 Originally in spanish, this reprint of the Elephant Editions translation tells the story of anarcho-banditry committed by Severino and his good friends, the brothers Scarfo. Bombings, bank robberies, and, like many of their kind, their shooting star ending. $3-10 … Continue reading Anarchism and Violence


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