Direct Action and Sabotage

Three Classic IWW Pamphlets from the 1910s Elizabeth Gurley Flynn, Walker C. Smith & William E. Tautmann 2014     128p     5 x 8 The pamphlets reprinted here were first published in the 1910s amid great controversy. Even then, the tactics of direct action and sabotage were often associated with the cartoonists’ image … Continue reading Direct Action and Sabotage

Sabotage in the American Workplace

Anecdotes of Dissatisfaction, Mischief, and Revenge T. Cox & M. Sprouse     1992     175p     9 x 11 Stories of frustration and revenge throughout all sectors of the american workplace: construction, restaurants, transportation, sex, factory, art, education, military, etc. $10-20 Other works involving sabotage, work, service industry, factories, military, 1980s, 1990s

War on Misery #4

No thanks thanks to the treadmill. No thanks to the Grindstone. There’s plenty of dissent from these rungs below. Summer 2013     34p     8.5 x 11 After a four year hiatus, war on misery came back — bigger than ever. Articles include an analysis of Occupy St. Louis: ‘Occu-POW!: The Jolt of Occupy St. … Continue reading War on Misery #4

War on Misery #3

Darlin’ there’s a place for us… can we go before I turn to dust? Summer 2008     20p     8.5 x 11 Articles include an analysis of anti-police activity in st. louis: ‘Invitation for Conflict: a magnifying glass to three anti-police initiatives’; an analysis of the Laidlaw bus drivers’ strike: ‘The Driver on the Bus Says “WI-LD-CAT!”; … Continue reading War on Misery #3

War on Misery #2

Our days are never coming back. Autumn 2006     12p     8.5 x 11 Articles include an analysis of st. louis arsons: ‘When the bloodys lips of progress move to kiss, we spit fire: on the 2006 arsons ripping through city and suburban developments’; a chronology of work-related deaths: ‘They make us strap time-clocks to our chests’; … Continue reading War on Misery #2

War on Misery #1

There must be some kinda way outta here… Winter 2005-2006     8p      8.5 x 11 Articles include an analysis of the Busch deliver drivers’ striker: ‘You say Lohr, We say Class War: Unions, bosses, and turning the lights on in the theatre of conflict’; a fictitious account of the social conflict that could have arisen after … Continue reading War on Misery #1

Eternal War on Hitler Youth

The Edelweiss Pirates, 1938-1945 Anonymous     8p     5 x 8 From the introduction by Wolfi Landstreicher, To be clear, I am not interested in antifascism by itself. Without a clear revolutionary perspective, the struggle against fascism all too easily degenerates into the struggle for liberal values and the democratic state. Thus, I agree with Alfredo Bonanno’s … Continue reading Eternal War on Hitler Youth

Industrial Domestication

Industry as the Origins of Modern Domination Leopold Roc     16p     5 x 8 An excellent description of the history and methods used to force some of the first people from their homes into factories. No one goes willing, it isn’t smooth, inevitable or anything close to a ‘revolution.’ Industrial Domestication PDF … Continue reading Industrial Domestication

The Great Labor Uprising of 1877

Philip S. Foner    1977    341p    5 x 8 Labor historian Foner’s take on the first generalized confrontation between labor and capital in the United States, which effectively shut down the entire railway system. $4-10 Other works involving philip s. foner, general strikes, sabotage, railroads, 1877, 1800s