War on Misery #1

There must be some kinda way outta here…

Winter 2005-2006     8p      8.5 x 11

Articles include an analysis of the Busch deliver drivers’ striker: ‘You say Lohr, We say Class War: Unions, bosses, and turning the lights on in the theatre of conflict’; a fictitious account of the social conflict that could have arisen after the social disaster of Hurricane Katrina: ‘On What Could Have Been’ by the unwanted children of capital; an angry youthful rant: ‘The Kids’re Pissed’; and of course, a chronology of libertory and subversive activity in the diffuse class war around st. louis.

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Other works involving war on misery, st. louis, class war, unions, youth in revolt, detournment, humor, sabotage, comics, 2000s