Jumping the Line

The Adventures and Misadventures of an American Radical William Herrick     2001     280p     6 x 9 Jumping the Line offers a vivid, sobering, first-hand account of Left culture in America’s heady days of the 20s through the 40s. William Herrick grew up in New York City with pictures of Lenin … Continue reading Jumping the Line

The Guillotine at Work

Vol. I: The Leninist Counter-Revolution G.P. Maximoff    1940    360p    5 x 8 Originally published in 1940 in two volumes, this is the (partially eyewitness) account of the Leninist terror inflicted upon Russia. Maximoff, a life-long anarchist, fought in the Russian Revolution, organized with the metal-workers, and was imprisoned by Lenin’s secret police … Continue reading The Guillotine at Work

The Blood of Spain

An Oral History of the Spanish Civil War Ronald Fraser ed. 1979 628p 6.5 x 9.5 A massive oral history of the spanish civil war. $7-15 Other works involving spanish civil war, anarchism, communism, fascism, the united front, anti-fascism, the abraham lincoln brigades, stalin, spain, 1920s, 1930s, 1900s

Animal Farm

George Orwell 1947 140p MMPB A concise novella dealing with the rise and betrayal of the revolution waged by over-worked animals on a little farm. A great explanation of recuperation and the corruption of power. $1-5 Other works involving george orwell, totalitarianism, recuperation, communism, work, stalin, dystopia, fiction


George Orwell 1948 292p MMPB Classic anti-authoritarian novel about a totalitarianism. Set in the future dystopian world of 1984, where wars are fought with the same people that the government previously armed, language is being deconstructed and erased so that people don’t even know how to think and speak against the powerful few who run … Continue reading 1984

Unions Against Revolution

G. Munis & John Zerzan     1975     62p     5 x 6 Unions – as well as employers – stand in the way of workers’ freedom. Labor militants who became union leaders enforce industrial discipline just as Lenin and Stalin advocated. In the pamphlet’s second essay Zerzan documents ‘The Revolt Against … Continue reading Unions Against Revolution

In the Crossfire

Adventures of a Vietnamese Revolutionary Ngo Van     1995     296p     6 x 9 Although the Vietnam War is still well known, few people in the english-speaking world are aware of the decades of struggles against the French colonial regime that preceded it, many of which had no connection with the … Continue reading In the Crossfire

Durruti in the Spanish Revolution

Abel Paz     2006     800p     6 x 9 The most thorough account of Buenaventuera Durruti’s life and spain in the tumultuous and rowdy years of the 1920-1930s in English. Paz, who fought in the spanish revolution as a teenager, seamlessly weaves intimate biographical details of Durruti’s life—his progression from factory worker … Continue reading Durruti in the Spanish Revolution