The Dance of Death

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Luther Blissett     1999     768p     6 x 9

1517 Martin Luther nails his ninety-five theses to the door of Wittenburg Cathedral, and a dance of death begins between a radical Anabaptist with many names and a loyal papal spy, known mysteriously as ‘Q.’ In this brilliantly conceived historical thriller set in the chaos of the Reformation – an age devastated by wars of religion – a young theology student adopts the cause of heretics and the disinherited and finds himself pursued by a relentless papal informer and heretic-hunter. What begins as a personal struggle to reveal each others’ identities becomes a mission that can only end in death.

Luther Blisset is the pen name of four italian writers who collectively wrote Q and later became Wu Ming.


Other works involving wu ming, heresy, peasant revolts, movement of the free spirit, lettersmilitaryanabaptist, omnia sunt communia, war, repression, execution, Muenster 1534