Agents of Repression

The FBI’s Secret Wars Against the Black Panther Party and the American Indian Movement Ward Churchill & Jim Vander Wall     1988     550p    6 x 9 An incisive historical account of the FBI siege of Wounded Knee, and reveals the viciousness of COINTELPRO campaigns targeting the Black Liberation movement and the … Continue reading Agents of Repression

The World That Never Was

A True Story of Dreamers, Schemers, Anarchists, and Secret Agents Alex Butterworth     2011     544p     6 x 9 In the late nineteenth century, nations the world over were mired in economic recession and beset by social unrest, their leaders increasingly threatened by acts of terrorism and assassination from anarchist extremists. … Continue reading The World That Never Was


Women in the Armed Resistance to Fascism and German Occupation (1936–1945) Ingrid Strobl     2002     320p     6 x 9 Common stereotypes of women during wartime relegate them to the sidelines of history—to supporting roles like dutiful munitions factory workers or devoted wives waiting for their men to return home. The … Continue reading Partisanas

Granny Made Me An Anarchist

General Franco, The Angry Brigade, and Me Stuart Christie 2004 400p 5.5 x 8 In 1964, a fresh-faced, eighteen-year-old Glaswegian named Stuart Christie became the most famous anarchist in Britain. He was arrested delivering dynamite to Madrid to be used in the assassination of Spanish dictator General Franco. After serving three of his twenty-year sentence, … Continue reading Granny Made Me An Anarchist

The Story of Tatiana

Jacques Baynac     1994     255p     5 x 8 In the shadow of the Jungfrau’s peak that towers above Interlaken, Switzerland, Tatiana Leontiev carried out her act. Historian Jacques Baynac recounts the life of russian revolutionary before and after 1906, when she assassinated the person she believed was a tsarist minister. … Continue reading The Story of Tatiana

Reflections on the Way to the Gallows

Rebel Women in Pre-War Japan Misiko Hane     1993     340p     6 x 9 As japanese court dictated, these condemned rebels wrote their biographies while awaiting execution. Hear what inspired and drove these socialists and anarchists to attack power. $5-10 Other works involving prisoners, assassination, memoirs, prisoner writings, japan, trial, executions, 1920s, 1930s

Rebels Against the Future

The Luddites and Their War on the Industrial Revolution Kirkpatrick Sale     1995     336p     6 x 9 Sale tells the compelling story of the Luddites’ struggle to preserve their way of life by destroying the machines that threatened to replace them and force further isolation, exploitation and alienation. ‘King Ludd’ lead anonymous groups of peasants against … Continue reading Rebels Against the Future

The Molly Maguires

The True Story of Labor’s Martyred Pioneers in the Coalfields Anthony Bimba     1932     144p     5 x 8 A forgotten chapter in the history of American labor, revealing the true nature of the so-called Molly Maguires as pioneers and martyrs in a determined struggle of the Pennsylvania anthracite region miners … Continue reading The Molly Maguires