The Tombs of Atuan

Ursula K. Le Guin     1971     192p     MMPB When young Tenar is chosen as high priestess to the ancient and nameless Powers of the Earth, in this second book in the Earthsea cycle, everything is taken away — home, family, possessions, even her name. For she is now Arha, the … Continue reading The Tombs of Atuan


Ursula K. Le Guin     1990     226p     MMPB In this fourth novel in the Earthsea series, we rejoin the young priestess Tenar and powerful wizard Ged. Years before, they had helped each other at a time of darkness and danger. Together, they shared an adventure like no other. Tenar has … Continue reading Tehanu

The Movement of the Free Spirit

General Considerations and Firsthand Testimony Concerning Some Brief flowerings of Life in the Middle Ages, the Renaissance and, Incidentally, Our Own Time Raoul Vaneigem     1986     302p     6 x 9 A historical reflection on the ways religious and economic forces have shaped Western culture. Within this broad frame, Vaneigem examines … Continue reading The Movement of the Free Spirit


Peter Shaffer     1979     160p     5 x 8 As a youth Salieri makes a deal with god that if god will make him a great composer, Salieri will lead a chaste life and devote his greatest works to him. Salieri finds success and even a place as a court composer … Continue reading Amadeus

Against His-Story, Against Leviathan

Fredy Perlman   1983   296p   5 x 8 How Civilization encroached on free peoples. On every continent scribes, traders and kings promoted division of labor, professional armies, social discipline, national, ethnic and class fervor.  $7-15 Other works involving fredy perlman, civilization, the wild, technology, recuperation, progress, primitivism, heresy, patriarchy, first nations struggles, peasant revolts, monarchs, nature, slave … Continue reading Against His-Story, Against Leviathan